Friday, May 8, 2009

False Firefighter and EMT prep exams

It has been brought to the attention of our staff that certain persons are falsely selling our product as their own. We just want to let everyone know about some warning signs prior to buying an exam.

1. If the site is hard to read, jumbled, words all together, and it just looks crappy it's probably not a good site to buy from.
2. We are only selling online prep questions at this time. Therefore there are no pdf files to download nor are we selling anything that we will ship to you.
3. The person selling our product is using a user name of textbooknow for their sales. This person is a scamming you and us!

If you find materials that look like they are from Fire-Fighter-Exam or EMT-National-Training please let us know at this link or leave a comment on this article.

Thank You


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