Saturday, December 12, 2009

Online EMT Basic course offered by EMT & Fire Training Inc.

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This EMT Basic training course is a self directed, interactive, distance learning course that is approved for NREMT Certification. The course curriculum covers all EMT Basic knowledge and skill requirements and will last approximately 12 weeks.

If you are a self motivated, goal oriented student who enjoys being challenged then this is a great educational opportunity. If you are looking for an easy route to NREMT EMT Certification then this course is NOT for you. EMT instructional lectures are delivered over the internet for the convenience of our student.

All students are expected to attend regular live lecture sessions online in our virtual classroom as well as complete all course activities, assignments, quizzes and examinations.

In addition to the lectures, students must attend (in person) and pass a 5 day, (mon-fri 0800-1700) intensive, practical skills instructional/assessment week from April 12th - 16th.
This portion of the EMT course will be held at our facilities near Coeur d' Alene, Idaho and it is required for course completion. Specific dates for this EMT Training Course are available below.


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